Grammar schools: Are they good or bad?

At the moment, the reintroduction of Grammar schools is filling the educational news. There have been many debates over the years about whether they are good or bad, with Conservative in favour of and Labour fully against the idea. From the early 20th Century, children were streamed into either Grammar schools or Secondary Modern schools (later known as Comprehensive’s) based on their abilities. At the … Continue reading Grammar schools: Are they good or bad?

How will the Brexit results impact education?

In light of the recent results of the EU referendum, we are wondering how the impending Brexit will impact education. Britain is home to many of the world’s leading universities and its education system outperforms some of the bigger European countries. Some argue that its place in the EU is the cause of its success, whilst others argue that our education system was created by … Continue reading How will the Brexit results impact education?

Teacher Workload Crisis!

A fully resourced, collaboratively produced, scheme of work should be put in place for all teachers for the start of each term.
I know of a few schools that are using their Subject Leaders to create schemes of work for all teachers to follow. When this is done in consultation with the other teachers, it appears to work well. It also helps support those teachers who maybe feel under confident in that curriculum area. I feel that this is a positive step as long as teachers are given the freedom to also use their own ideas and it isn’t used as a strict ‘you must follow’ type scheme and more as guidance if wanted. Continue reading Teacher Workload Crisis!