Writing a great CV- for teachers

What Makes a Great CV?

We know that often when applying for teaching positions you have to fill in an application form instead of submitting a CV. However, if you are looking for long-term and permanent positions, there are still occasions when you will need to be able to write a great CV. One that really shows off your attributes, sells your personality and reveals your experience. But what makes a great CV?

Apple A Day Supply’s top teacher CV tips…

 The content

  •  Before writing your CV, read the job specification for the position that you are applying for. This will help you to make sure that you give clear examples that demonstrate skills needed for that type of role.
  • Behaviour management strategies that you use
  • Ofsted experience- a hot topic for schools. If you have had great feedback and grading from Ofsted, make sure you put this in your CV!
  • Your experience of assessing and tracking pupil progress, and how this impacts your teaching and planning
  • If you have taught a SAT’s year, what was your experience and success?
  • Include your experience of working with SEN pupils and how you ensure inclusion
  • Extracurricular clubs, events and extra responsibilities that you have successfully taken on.
  • Include schemes of work that you have written, helped to implement or have used.

The basics

  • Make sure that your CV has no spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes. I know some Head teachers who instantly throw away a CV if it has one of these simple mistakes. Not only use spell check (UK English not American) but also get a colleague to check if for you too.
  • Make sure that the layout is clear and logical. The Head teacher will want to be able to quickly scan your CV so make sure that you use clear headings, sections and present it neatly.
  • Present your information in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent qualifications and jobs.
  • Include a section called ‘Key Strengths’’, this will allow you to explain transferable skills that you have gained which may make up for a lack of experience in these areas.
  • Keep your CV relevant and concise. 1-2 pages are enough.
  • Do not leave gaps on your CV. If you had a break to raise a child, then state this and point out skills that you gained during this time.

For a free template, please email me at ghector@appleadaysupply.co.uk

Please leave a comment if you have any more tips 🙂

Good luck!


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