You know you’re a teacher when…

You know you’re a teacher when…

  1. This excites you…Image and these post-it notes…Image  … Oh baby… Image
  1. You correct (or want to correct) everyone’s spelling and grammar- especially on Facebook …’People need to mind they’re own business…’ I think you mean ‘their own business’ you find yourself thinking!
  2. The word ‘reports’ and ‘data’ make you want to curl up into a ball and slowly rock back and forth!
  3. You get a secret thrill out of laminating things. Anything that you can possibly laminate, you laminate! You have your own at home and tend to laminate either as a delay tactic from marking and planning, or you laminate after those jobs as a ‘reward’!
  4. You have to eat at precisely 12 am everyday, even during the holidays and you need a cup of tea 10:30 on the dot.
  5. On the rare Fridays that you plan to go out, they often involve getting ready for a night out but falling asleep before you have even left the house!
  6. You wear the knees out of all of your trousers from kneeling when talking to children
  7. When all of your pencils in the class pots are sharpened it is a moment of perfect beauty to you. Perhaps you have even ‘invested’ in an electric sharpener?!
  8. You have 25 (if lucky) young people who accidentally call you mum or dad at some point during the school year
  9. You save rubbish such as toilet rolls and yoghurt pots as ‘they might come handy for school’
  10. You have the urge to talk to random children when out in public and correct their behaviour- or correct their parents discipline skills (or lack of)
  11. You find yourself using ‘child talk’ with your friends, family and partner. Phrases such as ‘use your words’ or as my friend once said after giving her dad his birthday present ‘now what do you say’ – oops!
  12. During term time, you have an array of multi-coloured bruises at either knee or thigh height depending on the age of the children you teach. 
  13. You find plastic dinosaurs, small people and multi-link in your pockets and washing machine.
  14. You refer to your pupils as ‘my children’ or ‘my kids’
  15. You have a secret stash of blue tac and staples that stay in that ‘safe hidden place’ and are only shared with the closest of colleagues
  16. You take the register in your sleep and insist that your partner answers before you will move onto the next name
  17. It’s exciting when you finish a Teacher Training day early so that you can put up new displays, finish that data report or get some marking done
  18. When you go to the beach you end up lugging back a load of pebbles as these will be great for writing diagraphs or numbers on. You have also collected shells for sketching!
  19. You genuinely care about your class and miss them like mad when they move up a year!

Please comment below with any others that you have. I would love to hear them


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