Back to school: what do you do to chill?

So, Term 4 begins and we are all back at work, most likely bemoaning the fact that the holidays have flown by far too quickly!! It’s a common cry in the staff room that first day back: “Where did the week go?”

Yes, indeed, where do these holidays go?! We start them with that exhilarating feeling of having such space ahead of us. I always visualise mine as a winding road that tapers away into the distance and over that gleaming, hazy horizon: this is my path for the next week. Wow! What space? What will I do? What magical things will happen?

So, what magical things did happen?!! This mid-term, I drove up to Scotland for a few days to go hill-walking with my younger son. He’s inherited the hill-walking gene. It’s what we did every holiday as a family when the children were small. (My other son now refuses to go near a molehill, let alone a Munro)! As it happened, I managed only one hill, but the view was indeed truly magical and invigorating.


Which made me wonder… what do you, our brilliant supply teachers, do to chill out and relax? Is the outdoors your thing too? Or is the gym your preference? Or travel? Maybe you just love spending time with your family and friends? Or maybe you listen to music? Please let us know, as we’d love to know what you get up to and it’d be great to see your comments.  In the meantime, you might like to have a look at these sites, which provide some de-stressing tips whilst touching upon that old chestnut, ‘work/life balance.’



I particularly like the ‘Monday Folder’. Check it out! What a super idea!

And here’s a cute one! What song helps you de-stress? Don’t be shy. Please share! Mine is Pharell Williams – Happy!

Gemmas’ is anything with a good beat that she can have a good gym session to!









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